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broken spring repair

Repair of garage springs may not be an easy job as it may seem. It is an extremely dangerous job if you are not well trained and confident. The springs hold up a lot of weight and if done wrongly, it can cause a serious injury. There are certified professionals at Pleasantville garage door repair, NY who can get the job well done for you. Most people don’t think much about it since the door opens and closes when decreed to. The garage door aids in the movement of the door. There are many moving parts on the door. These parts can wear and tear due to friction when in use. Of all parts, the spring is the most vital moving part. It requires constant maintenance or replacement if worn out since it can cause breakage. There are two types of garage door springs and one or both can damage and require immediate replacement or repair. The two types of springs are the torsion spring and extension springs. Torsion springs are the one situated above the door and is used for creation of torque which helps in lifting the garage door. The extension springs are just the simple springs and they aid in balancing the weight of the door.If replacing a spring doesn’t solve the underlying problem it is important to consider new motor installation or new door installation and your issue will surely be sorted. Therefore just contact us.